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Report: Report an Antisemitic, Bias or Discriminatory Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, extremism, bias, bigotry or hate, please report it using the link above. Any personal information provided will be kept strictly confidential. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.


Educate: School and Community Programming

Workshops and professional development programs for your school or community:

  • Navigating Discussions about the Israel-Hamas Conflict (and minimizing/avoiding Islamophobic and Antisemitic/dehumanizing language) (60 mins)
  • Antisemitism Then and Now (60-90 minutes)    
  • Navigating Critical Conversations and Tough Topics (60-90 minutes)


Respond: Responding to Antisemitism in Your School

1) Talk to your student's teacher first. Don't presume all teachers know what antisemitism is, as well as how comments about the current conflict could potentially be antisemitic and/or permitting a culture causing fear and anxiety for some of their students. Teachers are, above all, responsible for ensuring a safe, respectful classroom for all students. If your child feels unsafe, bring this to the teacher's attention first -- the teacher likely doesn't know. Offer to connect them with us, (the Holocaust Center for Humanity) - we're happy to share our resources and support their efforts to ensure a safe classroom for all.

2) If the teacher is unresponsive and/or your conversation does not go as well as you'd like, reach out to your school's administration (principal, etc.). The same considerations as above apply here, but in this case indicate that you first brought this directly to the teacher's attention and here is what occurred (or didn't).

3) If the admin is unresponsive and/or the conversation does not go as intended, at this point you can consider informing the school district and/or school board about the problem. If you have not yet notified the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) here is where we recommend you also notify them. Report an Antisemitic, Bias, or Discriminatory Incident