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These programs aim to present perspectives and voices that challenge and inspire people to confront bigotry, racism, and indifference, and to consider how their actions make a difference. 

Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed in these programs are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of the Holocaust Center for Humanity and its employees.   



Connecting the Holocaust V5

Join us September 21, 28, October 6, 12, 19, & 26 for a special series, "Connecting the Holocaust to Today."

The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women ResistanceThe Light of Days Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | 12:00pm PT

With Judy Batalion


While conducting research on poet and Special Operations Executive member Hanna Senesh, Judy Batalion unexpectedly found the 1946 Yiddish book, Freuen in di Ghettos (Women in the Ghettos), filled with accounts about young Jewish women who defied the Nazis. These Polish-Jewish “ghetto girls” paid off Gestapo guards, hid revolvers in teddy bears, flirted with Nazis, and shot them. They distributed underground bulletins, flung Molotov cocktails, bombed German supply trains, organized soup kitchens, and were bearers of the truth about what was happening to the Jews. In this discussion, Judy will relay several of these women’s stories, describe her years of research into the history of Polish-Jewish resistance, and discuss why so many of these tales remained hidden for so long.

Join Judy Batalion, New York Times-bestselling author of the highly-acclaimed The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos, published by William Morrow in April 2021. The Light of Days has been published in a young readers’ edition, will be translated into nineteen languages, and has been optioned by Steven Spielberg for a major motion picture for which Judy is co-writing the screenplay. 

Ordinary Men
Revisited Three Decades Laterordinary men

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 |
12pm PT

With Christopher Browning

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What turns an ordinary man into a cold-hearted murderer? Nearly 30 years ago, author Christopher Browning brought us the dark history of those whose duty it was to accomplish the Nazi Final Solution in Ordinary Men. The book documented the true story of Reserve Police Battalion 101 of the German Order Police, a paramilitary formation of men comprised of average, middle-aged working class German men who were responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Browning’s  book examined how quickly these seemingly ordinary people were twisted by ideological indoctrination, loyalty to the battalion, and ultimately cowardice and bigotry, to sink into the depths of savagery under Hitler to murder millions of Jewish people and other “undesirables.” 

This talk will look at the origins and initial arguments of the book, the critiques it faced in the 1990s, and subsequent developments in Perpetrator Studies.

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Legal CLE Program

Restitution After WWII: Suing Hitler's Business PartnersRestitution After WWII

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 I 12pm PT

With Professor Michael Bazyler, Chapman University

Join the Holocaust Center for Humanity and legal professionals across Washington for a special legal program on restitution after WWII. 


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The Holocaust was both the greatest mass murder and the greatest theft in modern history. This presentation will discuss how America’s civil justice system provided a measure of long overdue justice to Holocaust victims and heirs. We examine claims for return of Nazi-looted art, stolen Jewish real property in Europe, Holocaust-era insurance policies, slave labor, and bank deposits held by Swiss banks. Our focus will be on both past and ongoing litigation, including the latest Nazi-looted Holocaust case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2021 (Phillip v. Germany), for which the speaker co-authored an amicus brief. We will also touch upon efforts to use the Holocaust restitution model as a template for other suits involving historical atrocities, including African-American reparations. 

Michael Bazyler is a professor of law and the 1939 Law Scholar in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies at Chapman University. He has authored seven books and more than two dozen law review articles, book chapters, and essays on subjects covering Law and the Holocaust and restitution following genocide and other mass atrocities. 

1 Law and Legal Procedure Washington State Bar Credit Available

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October 6, 2021 CLE Lecture Readings

Restitution After WWII: Suing Hitler's Business Partners

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5. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18-1447/159037/20201028173235296_Simon%20Philipp%20-%20Amicus%20Brief%20FINAL.pdf



“That is 800 children”: Nazi Germany, the United States, andKucik 101221 (Dismantling) Global

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 12:00pm-1:00pm PT

With Dr. Emanuela Kucik

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What is the relationship between Nazi Germany and anti-Blackness—and of the role of the United States in that relationship?  Dr. Emanuela Kucik will provide an expanded narrative of the Holocaust and of racialized violence around the world to better understand the global  intersections of oppressive systems. In showing how these connected structures sustain each other, she will demonstrate that dismantling one piece of systemic oppression will begin to unravel the others. 

This presentation will use stories of two different Black people who lived in Germany during the first half of the 20th-century. Such stories highlight and foreground the experiences of people from marginalized groups  and are a crucial, transformative component in our continued fight for a just and equitable world.

Dr. Emanuela Kucik is an Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies and the Co-Director of the Africana Studies Program at Muhlenberg College. She is committed to intertwining scholarship and activism to highlight how literature can combat genocide, its precursors, and its reverberations.


My Family's Story: Survival, Escape, and ImmigrationMy Familys story Survival Escape and Immigration

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | 12pm PT


Daphna Robon tells the story of her parents, Imre Friedmann and Naomi Kraus. Both natives of Budapest, Hungary, they endured not only the antisemitism of pre-war Europe, but the persecution of the Nazi regime; Imre in a labor camp and Naomi hidden in a Swiss “safe house” under a false identity. Following the war, Imre escaped to Vienna where he was able to earn his Ph.D., eventually immigrating to become a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem where he met Naomi. She also earned a Ph.D. at the university and they eventually relocated to the U.S. to highly successful careers.

Daphna was born in Israel and spent most of her childhood years in Houston, Texas. She now lives in the Seattle area with her family and began sharing her family story as a Holocaust Center speaker in 2021.  Daphna has a strong passion for doing what she can to stop antisemitism and racism. 


The Ravine: A Family, A Photograph, A Holocaust MassacreThe Ravine Revealed

Tuesday, October 26 | 12pm PT

With Dr. Wendy Lower

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In 2009, Dr. Wendy Lower, the acclaimed author of Hitler’s Furies, was shown a photograph newly revealed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. While the documentation of the Holocaust is vast, there are only a few known images of Jewish families at the actual moment of murder, in this disturbing photo, by German officials and Ukrainian collaborators. A Ukrainian shooter’s rifle is inches from a woman’s head, obscured in a cloud of smoke. The woman is bending forward, holding the hand of a barefoot boy. And—only one of the shocking revelations of Dr. Lower’s 10-year investigation of this image—the shins of another child, slipping from the woman’s lap. 

Dr. Lower’s detective work—in Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, and the United States—recovers astonishing layers of detail concerning the open-air massacres in Ukraine. Her search for the identities of the victims, of the killers—and, remarkably, of the photographer who openly took the picture, as a secret act of resistance—are dramatically uncovered. Finally, in the hands of this scholar, a single image unlocks a new understanding of the place of the family unit in the history and aftermath of Nazi genocide.

Wendy Lower, Ph.D., is the John K. Roth Professor of History and George R. Roberts Fellow at Claremont McKenna College and chairs the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and served as its Acting Director at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.  


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