Holocaust Center for Humanity

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A forum for discussions linking lessons from the Holocaust and other genocides with contemporary issues in a legal context. It is comprised of lawyers with a wide range of practice areas, and a common interest learning about the Holocaust.


2024 Legal Committee Members

Steven Beigelmacher, Perkins Coie LLP
Marc Boman (Retired), Preston, Gates & Ellis, LLP
Kathy Feldman, Karr Tuttle Campbell
Ronald Friedman, Karr Tuttle Campbell
Maria Hodgins, Karr Tuttle Campbell
Lucas Michels, Ironmark Law Group, PLLC
Jay Riffkin, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
Sabina Shapiro, Stoel Rives LLP
Rob Spitzer, Foster Garvey PC
Jeremy Wood, Fisher Phillips


Previous Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Sessions

Profits & Persecution: German Big Business and Nazi Crimes Peter Hayes, PhD
Hitler's Courts: The Misuse of Executive and Judicial PowerJoshua Green
Restitution After WWII: Suing Hitler's Business Partners | Michael Bazyler
The Crime of Complicity: Law and the Bystander from the Holocaust to Today | Amos N. Guiora
Law as an Instrument of Mass Crimes: The Legal System Under the Third Reich | James J. Grosfeld


If you are interested in joining the Legal Committee of the Holocaust Center, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.