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Pyramid of Hate ADLPyramid of Hate

Two excellent lessons based on the Pyramid of Hate as created by Echoes and Reflections and the Anti-Defamation League.  For grades 6-12.

The Pyramid of Hate presents a visual image to demonstrate how the seeds of hate, once planted, can quickly grow from biased ideas to hate violence. The following is provided to assist in presenting the concept of the tendency of hate to escalate when unchecked.

Objective: To provide an opportunity to define and recognize hatred in all of its forms, examine the escalating steps of hate, and how hate and prejudice can escalate when no one speaks up or takes action.

Rationale:  Bias-motivated violence, in addition to genocide , represent mere tips of an iceberg; an end result that is seen.  Beneath what we can see lie attitudes, behaviors, actions and inactions that, if unchecked, create the conditions necessary for that end, tragic result.  Unchecked, those attitudes and behaviors become normalized, with the potential to escalate.  This lesson, with at least two options, engages students to consider that bias-motivated violence and genocide is not inevitable, encouraging them to realize that their actions (and inactions) have consequences, and that they CAN make a difference.

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