Our library has several different graphic novels centered around the Holocaust. Each tells its own story with vivid imagery and an engaging narrative. The novels featured below are some of our favorites and make up a diverse representation of our collection.  Visit us to check out one of these books! See All Graphic Novels (search by "subject" and enter "graphic novel")

Maus I

By Art Spiegelman

gn Maus I

In the first of two books in the Maus series, Art Spiegelman creatively uses animal characters to tell the story of his father as he went from living peacefully in pre-war Poland to finding himself at the gates of Auschwitz in 1944. His deeply emotional story and easy-to-follow style draw you into the book and never let you put it down. Part II is also available in our library.


Survivors of the Holocaust

By Zane Cunningham and Ryan Jones

gn Survivors ofthe Holocaust

This short novel tells the poignant true stories of six different Holocaust survivors, each with a different experience of the war. It provides a brief yet detailed look at what the Holocaust was and who its victims were. At the same time, the novel's unique and exaggerated style results in eye-catching visuals to match.

A Bag of Marbles

By Joseph Joffo

gn A Bag of Marbles

An autobiographical novel about the tale of two young French Jewish boys eluding Nazi capture, as written by the youngest. This story is at times sweet, at times heart-wrenching, at times exciting, and at times scary. Its beautiful drawings make it a must-read.


Letting It Go

By Miriam Katin

gn Letting It Go

A witty story about the author coming to terms with her past and learning to forget the prejudices she holds against the German people for the acts of their grandparents. Katin's story is as much a lesson in forgiveness as it is a brilliant self-portrait.

Episodes from Auschwitz: #1

By The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

gn Episodes from Auschwitz I

The first novel in a four-part series by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, this short story centers on the relationship between two Jewish prisoners of the notorious death camp. Its grisly details and historical context make it a perfect illustration of life in the camps. All four novels are available in our library.


We Are On Our Own

By Miriam Katin

gn We Are On Our Own

Another masterpiece by Miriam Katin, this novel focuses on her life as a very young child, running away from the Nazis with her mother. This story is emotional and captivating, and its sketches and dark style help place readers in the shoes of the character s.