This is a critical point in time where teachers like you are essential in combating the growing hatred and intolerance we are witnessing. 

Below are a few favorite and tested resources.  Please let me know what you find useful (and what you don't).

1. The first thing teachers should do when school starts is talk about hatred in America. Here’s help. (Published in Washington Post, Aug. 2017) This great article includes links to great teaching resources and is constantly being updated.

2. Universe of Obligation (Facing History and Ourselves)

3. Contemporary antisemitism and youth (Facing History and Ourselves)

4. "No Time To Think" (Facing History and Ourselves) - This is a great article that is directed at the issue of bystanders

5. Film about Antisemitism today (USHMM)

6. Swastikas and Other Hate Symbols (ADL) - This may or may not be appropriate for some classes. Please review the lesson carefully.

7. Testimonies from local Holocaust survivors (Holocaust Center for Humanity)

8. Antisemitic Incidents: Being an Ally, Advocate and Activist (ADL) - Lesson for grades 7-12, 45 minutes

9. Some Were Neighbors (USHMM) - A powerful and thought-provoking online exhibition. Lots to explore including testimonies, images, and more.