Powell Professional Development Series 2021


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Photo by Olivia Hemingway

Teaching with Artifacts: Learning about the Holocaust through Inquiry

September 30, 2021
4:30-6:00pm Pacific Time

With special guest Paul Salmons

Clock Hours:  1.5

This workshop approaches the history of the Holocaust through one small shoe: a seemingly very ordinary thing. It provides guidance and practical classroom approaches to empower learners to read artifacts as evidence.

Through guided group discussion, we will uncover intimate details about the owner of this little shoe, using skills of deduction, inference, and the analysis of historical sources. Relating what we discover to what is known from other sources we will explore meaning in the historical narrative and consider how this can help young people learners to ask significant and important questions about this complex and emotionally challenging past.

The activity is designed to stimulate deep personal reflection and the questions raised will provide a stimulus for deeper exploration of the Holocaust in further classroom lessons.

Paul Salmons is Director of Paul Salmons Associates, curator, educator and film consultant

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Special thanks to the Powell Family Foundation - Carol P. Heller & Nancy E. Powell Divisions