2018 Student Leadership Board Projects: Carrying the Stories Forward

While on the Leadership Board, students are expected to create a meaningful project that carries out the Holocaust Center's mission. This past year, students worked in groups to interview Holocaust survivors in the Greater Seattle Area and present the content of their interviews in the form of a visual display of their choosing. The results are below!


Group 1: Interviewing Charlotte Wollheim

By: Hannah Boden, Olivia Harris, Clementine Nielsen


Group 2: Interviewing Eva Tannenbaum-Cummins

By: Sam Cargal-Bley, Stella Gardner, Joey Hanan

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Group 3: Interviewing Steve Adler

By: Mario Falit-Baiamonte, Brooke Mihlstin, Sophia Vandewark


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Group 4: Interviewing Peter Metzelaar

By: Shana Sourish, Chloe Rubin, Ellie Fein


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Group 5: Interviewing Ingrid Steppic

By: Ella Gonchar, Ben Scherzer, Annabelle Falconer



Artifact List

 "1. "Nazis Invade Holland" - Newspaper; 2. "Early German Occupation" - Postcard; 3. "Februaristaking–February Strike" - Postcard and Strike flyer; 4. "Jan and the Post Office–Postkantoor" - Postcard; 5. "The Kanis family begin to take in Duikers–People in hiding" - Postcard and photo of the Kanis house; 6. "The Kanis family hides 40 people" - Ali's list; 7. "Jan and the underground" - Newspaper; 8. "Ingrid is born" - Birth certificate; 9. "Jan is arrested" - Postcard from Vught & Postcard from Dachau; 10. "Ali is arrested" - Postcard with sketch & Doll; 11. "Hongerwinter" - Postcard; 12. "Letter from Jan, Home" - Postcard sent through Red Cross; 13. "Holland is Liberated" - Postcard; 14. "Learning and Reuniting" - Postcard and Photo of Jan with Soldier and Duiker; 15. "Righteous Among the Nations" - Postcard and Photos with the Kanie Plaque; 16. "Ingrid Today and Reflections for Tomorrow" - Postcard and Photo of Ingrid and her Husband"

The Kanis Family

"Ingrid, the youngest of the Kanis family, was born in the heart of the war in 1943. As she grew up in a post war world, she heard the stories and learned the things her family did to help. She decided her duty was to tell her family's story so their courageous acts could live on and inspire others.

Ingrid's father Jan worked at the post office in the town of Amersfoort in Holland. His job proved an important advantage for getting his family involved to help Jewish people.

Our project is called "Postkantoor' (Post office) and mimics the slots of post boxes. We chose this because Jan's job was crucial in his family's engagement in the war.

In each slot you will find something that helps to tell the Kanis family's story. Some slots contain photos and letters provided by Ingrid herself.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our project and learn Ingrid's story. We hope this will inspire you to see that anyone can and should step in and step up when they see injustice."


Group 6: Interviewing Izzy Darakhovskiy

By: Alexa McQuade, Max Fischel, Sarah Petrov


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Group 7: Interviewing George Elbaum

By: Zoe Nichols, Elle Springer, Catherine Lirstman, Anna Meliksetyan


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Group 8: Interviewing Tom Lenda

By: Simran Sidhu, Fiona Alhadeff, Sonja Marie Kjelstrup



"Every evening, we hope to return to the comfort of our bed. Our body will nestle in the indentations of the mattress and we press our cheeks against our soft pillows. This basic human expectation was ripped from those persecuted during the Holocaust. Many beds remained empty forever while some had no beds to return to. We had the privilege of interviewing and reading the memoir of Tom Lenda, Tom was sent as a young boy to Terezin. This display reflects a moment in Children on Death Row that struck us all. We gained a glimpse of the immeasurable loss felt by Holocaust victims through young Tommy's memories of waking up to empty beds in the morning when his friends were selected for transports to death camps.

No goodbye, no farewell."


Group 9: Interviewing Agi Day

By: Aubrey Springer, Semira Beraki, Sofie Coleman


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