TeachersBelSem2012"From Teachers for Teachers" is an online project that will allow teachers to share lessons and activities, and comment on how they used the materials. 

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Holocaust Book Trailer Project
By Julie Scott, East Valley School District, Spokane, WA
Students will create book trailers using iMovie based on Holocaust novels, memoirs, or diaries using plot, setting, and characters (not giving away too much) to entice others to read the book. Grades 6-12. From Julie: "All of my students, from low to high, completed this project. They worked very hard on them!"  See sample trailers made by Julie's students!


Oneg Shabbat
By Branda Anderson, Kamiak High School, Mukilteo, WA
The Oneg Shabbat are secret archives of diaries, reports, and documents about daily life in the ghettos, written methodically by Jewish groups in ghettos. This lesson explores Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto through a short film about the Oneg Shabbat, discussion questions, and online discussion through the TedEd website.  For grades 9-12.
Branda's Online Lesson (TEDEd)Lesson Plan (PDF) 


The Weaver's Scar: For Our Rwanda
By Brian Crawford, Seattle Country Day School, Seattle
Brian Crawford has written a novel about the genocide in Rwanda as a way to teach students on a personal level about the history of Rwanda, genocide, and the dangers of hate and prejudice.   See interview on New Day Weaver's Scar Homepage


Using iWitness in an Online Course about Genocide and Human Rights
By Kathleen Ralf, Frankfurt International School and Global Online Academy
"Instead of having my students write a research paper on how daily life for Jews was affected by the Holocaust, my students created 5-8 minute movies within Shoah’s iWitness website."