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Holocaust Teaching Kits for Jewish Synagogue and Supplemental Schools @ Limmud Seattle |  Sunday, January 20, 2019, 1:15pm - 2:30pm | Bellevue College | Register for Limmud

Come explore this new kit for teaching about the Holocaust in Jewish supplemental schools. Connecting history, Jewish values, local survivor testimony, and contemporary issues, this kit contains 10 interactive lessons, each designed for one class period. Lessons can be used independently or in combination. The kit includes artifacts, all supporting materials for the lessons, video testimony, easy-to-follow lesson plans, and optional activities for digging deeper. Great for both teachers who are new to teaching about the Holocaust, and those with more experience. Lessons challenge students to consider how their actions, even small ones, can make a difference in the world. Kits are free to borrow, and participants will have the option to sign up and reserve a kit for their classrooms. Created by the Holocaust Center for Humanity with support from Samis. More about this session

LIMMUD is a global movement of independent, volunteer-run Jewish learning events. There are now 89 Limmud groups in 42 countries.  Join the second annual Limmud in Seattle on January 19-20 at Bellevue College. Limmud "festivals" bring together Jews from a wide range of backgrounds, affiliations and geographic locations to create a unique learning experience. While structured much like a typical conference with a schedule of sessions for participants, Limmud is also radically different in its approach to who leads sessions, what topics to include, and the approaches taken.

We are inspired by the Limmud value: "Everyone should be a learner and anyone can be a teacher."