DSC01193 ed eventWednesday, May 16 | 11:30-1:30pm | At the Henry and Sandra Friedman Holocaust Center for Humanity, Seattle

Carla Peperzak grew up in Amsterdam, the daughter of a Jewish father and Catholic mother. When the Nazis invaded Holland, Carla, like other Jews, had to register and have her identification card branded with a "J," but Carla's father was able to acquire papers that identified Carla, her sister, and mother as non-Jewish.

With this freedom, Carla joined the Dutch resistance. She stole a German ID and bought a German nurse's uniform and, with this disguise, she traveled, securing hiding places for Jews in rural Holland. She brought them food, medical supplies, and forged papers. Her efforts helped save about forty people. Carla joined our Speakers Bureau in 2014.

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Bring your own lunch. Coffee and cookies will be served. | Reservations required. Seating is limited. | Before or after the presentation, guests are invited to view the exhibit, "Anne Frank: Let Me Be Myself."