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Holocaust Teaching Trunks! For grades 5-12. Each trunks includes artifacts, books, posters, activities. Free to borrow. 

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"I want everyone to know about the Holocaust, it can change the way you see things." - Kamiak High School student. Help students of all ages learn about the Holocaust with your gift today

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Field Trips & Student GroupsGrades 6 & up - explore interactive exhibit with film, an activity, and optional speaker. Scholarships availalbe!  

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Writing, Art, and Film Contest 2020! Accepting entries now through May 1, 2020!


The Holocaust Center has partnered with the Seattle Times Newspapers In Education (NIE) Program to create and publish two series of articles.  The articles are geared towards students in grades 7-12.  Each series includes a teacher guide.

Frieda's 1940/1941 school photo. Czechoslovakia.Stories Among Us: Personal Accounts of Genocide

Published in the Seattle Times on Wednesdays, April 9 - June 11, 2008, this 10-article series focuses on the stories of individuals in our community directly affected by genocide during the past century. 

Articles in Series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mannig's Story: A Survivor of the Armenian Genocide
  3. Morgan's Story: The Roma/Sinti
  4. Magda's Story: An Auschwitz Survivor
  5. Peter's Story: A Dutch Holocaust Survivor
  6. Frieda's Story: A Czech Holocaust Survivor
  7. Marie's Story: A Witness to the Long-term Consequences of the Rwandan Genocide
  8. Selena's Story: A Survivor of the Bosnian Genocide
  9. Agnes' Story: From Sudan to Seattle
  10. "What can we learn from the stories of Holocaust Survivors?"  - Holocaust Writing and Art Contest Winners

Teacher Guide - includes background information, discussion questions, activities, and suggested resources for each of the above articles.