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Our Center’s mission includes three very important words, “preserve human dignity.” Human dignity was not given to George Floyd.

As our streets are exploding in protest, the death of George Floyd shouldn’t be seen as a stand-alone incident but as a societal shortfall which continues to plague our country. History has shown us that countries that reconcile with their history of violence and injustice emerge greater for their efforts. Germany and Rwanda are examples of countries that found the strength to confront their past.

After 250 years of slavery and 150 more years of injustice and systemic racism, what we see today on our streets is a cry for overdue action.

Our mission statement also includes the words “take action.”

  • As many of us think of how we can make a difference, please take the time to review this list of ways to promote racial justice.  
  • To take action through education, share this list of 31 books that support conversations on race, racism, and resistance with young readers.
  • For over three years, our Center has been taking action by training Seattle Police Department officers in our Holocaust museum to think critically about individual responsibility and maintaining core values. 

As an institution that works to share the universal lessons of the Holocaust, we stand in unity with the African American community and remain dedicated to empowering individuals to learn from the past, fight for human dignity, and take action.

In partnership and peace.

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Dee Simon
Baral Family Executive Director
Holocaust Center for Humanity